Some examples of our projects (sanitised for confidentiality):

Growth Strategy

At the request of the CEO of a mining company, Rizasmart conducted an independent review of the industry and developed scenarios on the potential evolution of the industry. In addition, we provided acquisition recommendations aligned to the company strategy and aspirations and based on their capital allocation options


Operational Improvement

Rizasmart conducted and operations improvement project for a top platinum mining company trying to improve its production and safety performance. We analysed both the operations and the socio-economic factors that played a role in team production output. We had to combine data analysis, benchmarking and underground observations to determine the key factors that hampered production and safety and we proposed tangible recommendations to address these issues over the next two years

Market Analysis

Rizasmart helped a mid-tier Pharma company trying to penetrate new markets by analysing each country situation in terms of how tender processes work for certain therapeutic areas. The work combined desk research with expert interviews to develop case studies for each market

Start-up Advisory

Customer experience – Rizasmart supported a start-up, conducting both internal and external interviews to determine key changes required to the technology and app to improve its ease of use and make it more customer friendly. We worked with the product development team to improve the platform and address the customer’s issues