Rizasmart was founded in 2009 to provide pragmatic solutions that are implementable and achieve impact for our clients

Rizasmart is a management consulting firm that partners with its clients to collaboratively solve critical business challenges.
We apply our experience to deliver pragmatic solutions that deliver clear and tangible value.

We pride ourselves in not only providing solutions but working alongside our clients to implement those solutions as required. Our work always considers the people component in an organization as it’s critical for the success of any initiative or solution.

Our Values

• Trusting Partnerships

Our client interests are always at the forefront and we work based on a culture of trust, mutual respect and shared purpose to bring ongoing positive impact to our clients

• Pragmatic Approach

Our focus is to create impact so we focus on implementable solutions and not simply what looks good in paper. Our solutions are tailor made for the specific problem and circumstances.

• People at Forefront

Each individual contributes to our business and we believe in the importance of understanding the people at our clients to drive a solution.

Some of our clients include: